The "K" is for kevin

Why We're Here; Why We Care


ReKall was developed after an unfortunate accident happened in 2014 to a good friend and team member, Kevin Cutler. At 33, healthy and active, Kevin had a blood vessel in his brain unexpectedly burst, leaving him in an incapacitated state that created a crisis for his friends and family. Adding to the hardship of the emergency itself, Kevin had recently moved to Dallas from Oklahoma, leaving behind him critical information with prior physicians, former employers, family and close friends. The lack of information about his new life in Dallas made an already trying and emotional situation even more difficult. Family and friends were left scrambling with plenty of questions and critical decisions to be made.

Even with a substantial team of loved ones by his side, no one knew how to contact his work, access his apartment or, even pay the most basic of bills. The frustration of lacking personal and professional information in such a crucial, life changing event is what inspired the ReKall team to take action. With today's technology and the proliferation of mobile devices, family and friends should be enabled to provide instant assistance in critical situations through the power of handheld devices.

ReKall is happy to have Kevin as a part of the team and can report that after many months of hard work, Kevin has made a full recovery. We are extremely proud of Kevin and excited to bring you ReKall.